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Professional Tennis Coaches

Our Coaching team is led by Andrew Hill former Tennis Coaches Australia Board Member/Lecturer/Examiner/Coach and ATPCA Level 3 Master Professional.  
Andrew was formerly a TA NSW Tennis Development Officer and wrote national programs such as
ACE Tennis and the SMASH programs.
Recently Andrew has written successful programs for Tennis and Multi-Sports such as
Tennis STAR and Sports STAR.
These programs are part of our current teaching syllabus program that we use in schools and at our STARS Centre Marsfield.
Our coaching assistants have weekly coach development workshops and currently hold or are working towards advanced qualifications with TA or ATPCA. Our workshops are open to people interested in a pathway to Tennis or Sports Coaching Career.

RED TENNIS - Pre School Ages 3 to 6 years

Our RED TENNIS program compliments the ITF 10's TENNIS program used internationally
It has been designed to allow a successful transition from RED to the ORANGE TENNIS STAGE with modifications to player equipment, balls, and court sizes.
We Focus on improving basic skills, coordination and movement as a lead-in to tennis and talent identification. 
Specialised and colour coded equipment are used in a fun circuit of selected tennis and multi-sport skills.
FREE Skills Cards aid in the development of stroke production.

ORANGE TENNIS - Primary School Ages 6 to 12 years

Our ORANGE TENNIS stage extends knowledge gained in our RED TENNIS program
Players transition into the full court game during this stage with an increase in technique and tactical elements.
 Matchplay is introduced during this stage and players begin our pathway of SCHOOL -->TALENT-->AREA-->REGION-->STATE.
This stage is all about talent ID and talent development both at our centre and in schools.

Designed to lift the quality and profile of tennis in Primary Schools through Multi Sport and tennis development and inter-school team challenges. 
As a lead into tennis, school visits will assist the talent identification through skill circuits and fitness evaluation.
Squads with lessons and Match Play plus Club Competition improves player development.
Camps are organised for Inter School Tournaments.

YELLOW TENNIS - Secondary School  12 to 18 years

High School Squads offer Lessons and Match Play to develop an individual's style and game. 
Squads are arranged for Singles and Doubles with Comps and Club opportunities during the term.
Tournaments are organised in the holidays to challenge the player's skill level.
Our coaches play as well to upskill the players with tactics and strategy.

GREEN TENNIS - Adults Ages 18 plus

Our Adult programs focus on different groups with different needs.
Uni Graduates - Single and Double competitions, Club Tennis and Social Nights
Mums and Dads - Family Days, Social Doubles and Adult Comps.
Corporates - Tennis Days, Team Building, Sports Themed Conferences.

BLUE TENNIS - Adult Ages 50 plus

Keenagers - older and active
Social groups with tennis challenges plus mix partners
Club Tennis - Singles and Doubles

PURPLE TENNIS - Special Needs Groups

Our Special Needs program focuses on modified sports skills with a lead into tennis.
Skills are designed for the participant with modifications to the game.

We have a unique tennis lesson structure which incorporates both coaching and match play. 
Our sessions are designed to get you competing at the end of the lesson 
and incorporate what you have learned earlier in the session. 
Our coaches can then assess success, aiding the design of the next session. 
We have written a grading system to:
1) Grade Placement into groups and competitions
2) As a pathway for player development
3) Handicapping Match Play

STARS offer a different lesson for every week, as well as themed terms, 
providing a more exciting pathway to help you reach your tennis goals.